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March 1, 2023


Truly one of my favorite parts of being a photographer is getting to document different seasons of life, growth, joy, and all the feelings that come with a life intentionally lived for a family.

Sharing today some favorites from the sweetest maternity session, just days before this sweet baby made an early and unexpected arrival. The anticipation and the snuggles from big brother, the beauty in honoring the power of a mother’s body, the softness, the strength, and the stretching–holding space for the beautiful and the hard all at once.

Documenting a new season isn’t always easy. It’s easy to let it pass by. But I believe it will always be a treasure to give yourself the gift of presence, and to pause, and to breathe.

So much love to this sweet family, and thank you for the seasons you’ve invited me in to capture.

Looking to create some stunning images of your current season of life? Reach out, I’d love to talk more with you!

xoxo, Jen

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At home in nature. Ever-focused on exploring the light and joy in the in-between; found in the grounding moments that are a touch point of "you are here" in this journey of life. 

16 years of documenting weddings has taught me that a wedding day is so much more than just what it looks like. It's what it feels like. It's having the people who mean so much to you in one place. The intermingling of a life well lived, and the celebration of the next phase of your journey. It's my goal to create an impeccable experience for you, so that together we can create the stunning, heart-felt images that will support your memories for a life time to come.

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