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June 15, 2022


You’ve been told you need engagement photos, but you want them to be luxurious and authentic, not cheesy, right? You’re looking for outside the box, you in all your gloriously-in-love selves. You’ve got an incredible love story, huge hearts, and are building a life together that is incredible and full of adventure.

What you don’t have time for is some cheesy, stand in front of this random brick wall or tree engagement photos. No no. Your story is way bigger than that.

Here’s three ideas to take your engagement photos to the next level, that you can tweak to perfectly fit your style and personality (and remember: a great photographer will support you and guide you in this–not leave you to figure it all out on your own!).

Three ideas for non-cheesy engagement photos

  1. A grand European excursion: Maybe you’ve planned a trip to Paris to celebrate your engagement and enjoy some beautiful quality time together before all the hustle and bustle of planning your wedding day. Why not take a morning or afternoon to document it with your engagement photos? Strolling along the Seine, basking in the magical light that only exists in Paris, madly in love in the city of love. What could be better? Even if your wedding photographer is based in the US, it’s likely they would love to photograph you in a different destination!
  2. An epic nature adventure with a fashion flair: Love the outdoors and going on an adventure? Pick a favorite epic nature location and enjoy some grounding, peaceful time in nature together, while you get to have stunning photos that document your love for the outdoors AND each other. For an interesting contrast, kick it up with an over the top dress–it will add beautiful movement to your images, and the contrast with the natural setting can be pure art. Check out sites like Rent the Runway for something that feels like the best kind of dress up! Permits are often required for popular hiking areas, your photographer should be able to guide you, and remember to always leave no trace!
  3. A cozy, morning coffee at home kind of session: Take it ultra cozy by having your engagement session done at home. Think snuggly, Sunday mornings and coffee–maybe even a little bit spicy! Or, if you’re in a walkable area, start with some cozy photos at home before heading out to document some of your favorite date spots (like the below engagement session in NYC!).
  4. And bonus: The biggest tip for non-cheesy engagement photos? Be present. Be yourselves. Let go of any idea of what engagement photos “should” be, and let the magic of what is show up and lead you to stunning, magical photos of this season of your lives together.

I’m Jen, and I create stunning and heart-felt images for your most joyful days. I love supporting you to create an engagement session that is unique and meaningful to you, something outside the box that becomes a special memory of it’s own when you look back at this sweet season in your lives. I specialize in weddings and sessions in Colorado, Nashville, and Paris, and am available for travel world wide. Get in touch for more info, and I can’t wait to hear from you!

Which engagement session vibe is your favorite? Let me know in the comments!




Colorado & Nashville wedding photographer Jen Creed creates stunning and heart-felt images of your most joy-filled days. Get in touch to check availability and get more info!

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At home in nature. Ever-focused on exploring the light and joy in the in-between; found in the grounding moments that are a touch point of "you are here" in this journey of life. 

16 years of documenting weddings has taught me that a wedding day is so much more than just what it looks like. It's what it feels like. It's having the people who mean so much to you in one place. The intermingling of a life well lived, and the celebration of the next phase of your journey. It's my goal to create an impeccable experience for you, so that together we can create the stunning, heart-felt images that will support your memories for a life time to come.

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