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June 8, 2022


If you’ve been thinking about planning a mountain wedding, but not sure that the full on adventure wedding style is for you, you’ve got to check this out.

One of the best things about weddings in Colorado is that there are some truly incredible venues right in the mountains so you can get stunning photos–without the hiking boots! (Keep scrolling to see more of one of my favorites!).

Which leads me to:

Three reasons why you should have a mountain wedding:

  1. Soak in the beauty and peace of nature: There’s no vibes like it. Stepping out into the crisp air, surrounded by the wind in the trees and mountains as far as your eyes can see? It’s such an incredible and grounding experience–perfect for starting this next phase of your beautiful journey together.
  2. Create a memorable experience–for you AND your guests: unless all your guests live in the mountains (statistically unlikely), getting away into the mountains creates a memorable experience, out of the ordinary, that will stick with them. It’s such a unique time to have people from so many different areas of your life, all in one spot. The added layer of unique and memorable location crystallizes it in time even more!
  3. Get stunning wedding photos: with a venue right in the mountains, we can create stunning and heart-felt wedding photos together, without having to hike for hours or take you away from celebrating with your people for long. Just enough time for you and your love to step away, take some intentional time to enjoy being together on your wedding day and soaking in the joy, while we create magical images you’ll look back on for years to come.

To give you some inspiration, here are some favorites from a wedding at Northstar Gatherings, located in Idaho Springs, Colorado. Side note: stepping out of the car upon arrival at this venue, I was struck with how quiet it was outside. It was one of the most peaceful and magical settings I’ve ever experienced!

Looking to have stunning and heart-felt photos of your wedding day? Get in touch!

Are you considering a mountain wedding? I’d love to hear what you’re looking forward to most! Let me know in the comments!

Colorado wedding photographer Jen Creed creates stunning and heart-felt images of your most joy-filled days. Get in touch to check availability and get more info!

Images photographed by Jen Creed on behalf of Julia & Ken Photography

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At home in nature. Ever-focused on exploring the light and joy in the in-between; found in the grounding moments that are a touch point of "you are here" in this journey of life. 

16 years of documenting weddings has taught me that a wedding day is so much more than just what it looks like. It's what it feels like. It's having the people who mean so much to you in one place. The intermingling of a life well lived, and the celebration of the next phase of your journey. It's my goal to create an impeccable experience for you, so that together we can create the stunning, heart-felt images that will support your memories for a life time to come.

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