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March 29, 2023


It’s the season for engagement sessions, and a conversation I have with my clients is always how do you choose a location for your engagement session? (Here for the images? Keep scrolling to see some inspiration from an iconic NYC engagement session!).

There’s a couple things I always keep in mind with my couples to add an extra layer of meaning and intentionality into their photos. This is such a unique season in your life–a generic location you have zero connection to, or something that just says “here’s us in front of a random tree!” is going to lead to generic photos.

And you, in this gloriously in love season of life, deserve so much better than generic.

Keep these things in mind:

First, consider locations that have special meaning to you, or things you love to do together. Morning walks to your favorite coffee shop? Your favorite spot to spend a weekend together? A favorite hike? The city where you met?

Second, don’t be afraid to travel! If travel is something that is meaningful to you as a couple, or your favorite city to explore together isn’t local, talk with your photographer. Chances are they will be thrilled to travel with you to create something meaningful and stunning together (spoiler alert: I am always in for a destination engagement session!).

Third, leave space for the magic. This is part of my special formula–when you combine the connection between the two of you, add in your connection to the location, and then leave space for the magic to show up through your presence with each other (and planning together for the best light, and the outfits that make you feel incredible and add that extra touch of style), the images truly reach that next level of meaning. The ones that grow even more dear to your heart as time goes on, because it captures the feeling of that season, and the love that continues throughout your story. A touchpoint on your journey to look back on for decades to come.

Get Inspired

Sharing images from this iconic NYC engagement session for Japna and Chris. They live in NYC, and adore the vibe of the city, and Central Park feels like home. So we started out outside the Met before wandering through Central Park for some truly magical images. It was the perfect spot to celebrate this season for them! Special thanks to Carly Black Events for styling this stunning session.

If you’re looking for meaningful engagement photos anywhere in the world, I’d love to hear from you and support you to plan a session that perfectly fits your vision, style, and story. Happy planning!



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