Why I believe everyone needs a wedding album

April 5, 2023

8x8 linen wedding album open flat


In the midst of wedding planning, I know it can sometimes be hard to look beyond the big day. But I know that if you’re here, photos matter to you, and you know that they are the only thing (besides your relationship and your ring!*) that are going to last. And that’s why a wedding album is one of the best investments you can make with your photographer.

Once you’ve scored your dream photographer, the last thing you want to do is let your photos stay on a screen. We are bombarded by zillions of images every day on screens. It’s constant. And not even taking into consideration technology becoming out of date (shout out to all my early clients who have their images on a CD stuck in some drawer somewhere….), your story, your love, and the emotion of your day deserves the space to breathe in print.

A secret for you…

I’ve also got a secret for you. Looking at your images right after the wedding? That’s going to be incredible. It’s going to take you right back to the day, and my hope is always that it’s an intentional and joyful reliving of all the little moments (the ones you saw the day of, and the ones you didn’t!).

But as time goes on, the magic really happens. Different images become your favorites. The meaning deepens. Seeing the people who were there with you becomes even sweeter. And seeing that younger version of you and your partner as you started on that journey to forever, with some years behind you and the ups and downs that life tends to bring, can be such a powerful thing. They’re images to reconnect. Images to bring hope. Images to laugh at. And it’s beautiful.

Please, for the love, do not let them rot away as only digital files for the rest of eternity! Wedding albums are such a beautiful way to tell the full story of the day, in a format that you can pull out and look back on and share with friends and family for decades to come.

This video shows more of our 10×10 custom crafted leather album, as one of our couple viewed theirs for the first time and noted the things that stood out to them!

Featured Wedding Albums

Below you’ll find some images of our two primary wedding album options, the 10×10 custom crafted leather album, and the 8×8 linen album. Both are custom designed specifically for you and your story, and both are handcrafted with care right here in the U.S.

10×10 Custom Crafted Leather Album

What people are saying:

“…One thing I know I would never change would be our choice in Jen. We also ordered our album directly from them, and the quality was beyond what we could have hoped for. Excluding the people that live in our home, our wedding album is the only item in our home I would try to rescue in an emergency, it is THAT beautiful and special.”

Paige, bride

“Jen & team were also the best vendors (and people) I had the privilege of working with during my planning process. They were invested in understanding our personalities and the vision we had for our wedding day and it shows in all of the beautiful photos; I still get teary when I look at our album!”

Shea, bride

One of my favorite moments of the photo process with my clients is their reaction when they finally see their images in print, in their hands, once they receive their album. It just hits different to see them off screen. And it’s a gift your future self will thank you for.

I’d love to hear from you–do you have an album from your wedding?

xoxo, Jen

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