PNW Adventure Session | Carrie & Austin Epic Anniversary Session

August 30, 2017


Weddings are beautiful and wonderful, full of promise and dreams of a life built together. We love weddings: the joy, the celebration (the cake!). But the marriage–that’s where the good stuff is. It can be hard and it can be messy, but there’s something so perfect in dreaming and growing together. In the big adventures and the traveling, and in the small day to day living alongside one another.

We were SO excited to get to catch up with Carrie & Austin while we were out west last month, and to take some photos for them in honor of their 5th anniversary earlier this year! We photographed them for their engagement session and wedding in Kentucky, and shortly after, they moved to Seattle (where we’ve also visited them!) and got a dog (Icebox is the best!). They have fallen in love with the PNW. Carrie calls it “that PNW thing”–there’s just something about the vibrant greens and the crisp air, the mountains and the waterfalls, that once you get a taste of it, you can’t get enough! It was so wonderful to see how these two have grown together, and how they are chasing their dreams and building such an intentional life. Last year they went on a grand European adventure (the dress Carrie changed into later on in the session is one that caught her eye in Italy!), and Carrie has spent the last year in an amazing outdoor education program.

They wanted to document one of their favorite things, which is going on a family hike. The trail at Hamilton Mountain in Beacon Rock State Park totally delivered on all the PNW essentials: towering trees, waterfalls, wildflowers, and epic views! And Carrie was able to teach us about all the plants and berries along the way, which was awesome. The approximately 6.5 mile round trip trek totally wore us out, but luckily we knew about an INCREDIBLE brewery close by, which Chris and I had just happened to stumble upon during our PNW trip last fall. Pretty sure all sessions should end with beers and a peaceful view!

Sit back and enjoy, TONS of favorites coming up!

Carrie taught us all about the plants along the side of the trail, and which berries were safe to eat. Loved the sourness of these Oregon grapes!

My story telling skills aren’t anything close to Carrie’s, so I’m not going to try to recap, but you can read a little about the legend behind the Douglas Fir pinecones and the mice here!

We made it to the top! It was hot, and there were lots of bugs, so we headed back down pretty quickly haha.

Chris and I stumbled on Thunder Island Brewing Company last fall during our trip to the PNW, and completely fell in love. It’s such a beautiful and peaceful setting. There’s just something about sitting on the water in view of the mountains with that PNW crisp air. Plus, the beer and food are both INCREDIBLE. Highly recommend!

Carrie & Austin-Congratulations on five years! You two are so inspiring, and it’s been a joy to document your adventures. Cheers to many, many more! And thank you so much for coming down closer to Oregon and picking such an amazing hike! We loved every second of it 🙂

Thank you all for stopping by the blog! If you’re looking for photos that document your joy and adventures, please get in touch! We’d love to chat with you 🙂 And keep an eye out later this week for more of our favorites from Stephanie and Justin’s Cannon Beach wedding!

Happy Wednesday, friends!





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