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Should I use AI for brand photos? – Nashville brand photographer

April 12, 2023


My social media feeds lately have been full of AI generated brand photos and headshots. Have you seen the same? Maybe you’re even thinking about trying it out for your own brand photos.

I’ll always advocate for you to make the decision that makes the most sense for you and your business. But besides the fact that most AI brand photos I’ve seen seem to zap the soul right out of your eyes (and tend to change your body 👎🏻), I wanted to share a few reasons to consider going the old-fashioned 1:1 photographer route when it’s time for new brand photos.

Reasons to NOT use AI for your brand photos:

  1. Know-Like-Trust: It’s preached over and over in business (especially online business). People buy from people they know, like, and trust. And as AI continues to grow (no shoving it back in the box now), I believe there’s going to be an even greater craving for trust and authenticity. I believe people can sense your real-ness and your energy, and there’s only so far you can get on “fake it til you make it.”
  2. 1:1 Personalized Attention: When I create a brand session with my clients, it’s a collaboration. You’re not flying solo with where and what we’re shooting. It’s combination business and mindset coaching with creating photos that are going to support you to reach your next level of business. We’re thinking through where images will be used (website? social media? print?), and not just sticking with the standard headshots. We’re capturing your personality–and the personality of your brand–along with your supporting tools that tell the story of who you are and how you serve your clients in a holistic way. Your photos should feel like you–not some totally fantasy version of you.
  3. Embodiment: This is the magic piece of brand photos. One of the most powerful tools of reaching your next level in your business is embodying the person you need to be at the level. There is a magic in seeing images of yourself stepping into that next level. It’s a piece that you’ve had in you all along, that’s starting to emerge. Your session should feel a little stretching–not so much that it totally doesn’t feel like you and freaks out your nervous system, but just enough to stretch out of your comfort zone and in to your growth zone. Your images become not only a representation of you in your magic and power for your clients to connect with, but also for you to come back to on the rocky days of entrepreneurship. To remember why you’re on this journey, and why you’re creating what you’re creating. To remember the magic you’ve always had inside you.

Some fun uses for AI generated brand photos? I think they can be great to try on some new looks, like hair, makeup, color palettes and see if there’s something that resonates you wouldn’t have thought to try before. Or maybe to visualize an exciting location where it would feel inspiring to create together.

(P.S. I’m opening up two spots for brand session in Paris July of 2023–let’s chat if that’s on your vision board!)

Keep scrolling for some of my favorites I’ve gotten to create for over the past few years!

Ready to step into your next level business with new brand photos that feel like you and capture the magic you bring to your business? Let’s chat!

xoxo, Jen

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